Find Your Dream Job

Your Dream Job Can be a Reality

Your dream job may be the one that fetches the biggest paycheck, comes with the most perks, or offers the best opportunities for advancement. Whatever your particular dream job looks like, you can be sure of one thing; making it a reality takes more than just dreaming and sending out a resume.

If you’re fed up with endless job switching, settling for less than perfect jobs, feeling unappreciated for your skills and qualities, or you simply want a new start, we have great news for you:

Painless Career matches employers looking for more than just another employee with job seekers looking for more than just a job.

Whether you are brand new to the job market or a seasoned pro, we make the perfect match based on the combination of your in-depth personal profile and extensive assessments that evaluate your experience, aptitude and attitude. Your assessment usually takes about 30-60 minutes to complete and enables us to exclusively match you with jobs that best suit your qualifications. This gives you the advantage of being only one of a very few top-qualified applicants, so it could possibly be the most valuable hour you will ever invest.

The perfect job with the perfect employer is out there. Fill out and submit your online application, and as soon as you receive an invitation, complete your assessment. Then we can start working on making your dream job come true.